An important decision

Choosing a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center is an important decision. At Natchitoches Community Care Center we understand your concern in making the right choice. Our trained, professional staff is committed to providing each individual with quality care.


Person-Centered Care

Natchitoches Community Care Center has been re-designed to complement our philosophy of person-centered care. A $6 million dollar addition and renovation has increased square footage and enables us to provide care in a building that makes residents feel at home. In fact, the design features six households. Each household has a kitchen, which allows residents to dine in their household. Each household features outdoor space and common areas.

The person-centered care philosophy extends to operations. Overhead pages and thick medical charts have been replaced by pocket pagers and less intrusive electronic medical charting systems. Natchitoches Community Care Center no longer has “bath times” or “meal times”. Residents have the choice of when they want to bathe or eat – just as they did at home.


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Our Rehab Graduates

We take pride in getting our Rehab to Home patients rehabilitated and back home to their normal lives. Click below to view some of our recent graduates who are happily living back in their homes.

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